Michelle Ivana is a supermodel, who is signed to one of the top agencies in the world. In this short clip, we explore the fascination in our society with the pretty privilege, and the sobering reality of what it’s actually like to be perceived as beautiful. You can watch the full episode of the Mighty Pursuit Podcast on YouTube and Spotify, in addition to listening on Apple Podcasts. Michelle Ivana: There are definitely benefits to being beautiful. I mean people talk about the privilege of beauty. The pretty privilege. The privilege of being beautiful. For every quality that comes with privileges, it also comes with disadvantages or cons.  Mighty Pursuit: That’s a good point. Michelle Ivana: I’ve gotten free things because I’m pretty. I walked into a restaurant and the waiter just decided to give me and my friends free dessert because we’re a table of pretty girls. But then on the flipside of that, I’ve endured lots of harassment or inappropriate comments made to me when I walk down the street because of how I look or people making assumptions about me that I’m not intelligent. I mean there’s a whole list of things that are cons that come with looking a certain way. I kind of have always struggled with the idea of – does he really like me or is just because I’m pretty? I think I’ve always dealt with that. Mighty Pursuit: That’s really interesting because a lot of people are consumed with appearance so they daydream what it would be like if they got all this attention and what that would mean. It’s interesting to hear the other side of that. There’s always a desire that’s being unfulfilled. Even if you are fulfilling that desire and you get the attention, you don’t want to be put in a box for that and you want to be valued for who you are as a person. Michelle Ivana: It’s sort of a grass is greener on the other side situation. I don’t mean this to sound crass at all, but I think sometimes when you see people who aren’t necessarily conventionally attractive and they are thriving in really happy relationships, I envy them. Because they must love each other for what’s inside. They don’t have to worry, is it just because of my body or my smile that this person is even interested in me.  Michelle Ivana: When we were precursing this, one of things you wanted to ask me about was how it is to have that kind of attention on social media and having so many people giving me attention for my appearance. And I will say, one of the most bizarre things to me is strangers that I’ve never met before saying that they love me and they want to marry me. And while that might seem like, oh wow, that’s so great to have that attention. But it’s actually almost offensive that someone feels like just because I’m pretty they want to marry me and they don’t even know me. And it’s like, well you haven’t even taken the time to get to know me. Which is why I have to be cautious when I date. Because I think a lot of people – it happens to women too – can be blinded by appearances and not take the time to get to really know someone.


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